02 May, 2017

Laboratory-Cultured Strains of the Sea Anemone Exaiptasia Reveal Distinct Bacterial Communities

Paper detailing the microbiome of Aiptasia strain H2 is now out!

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19 April, 2017

Two new corallimorpharian genomes published!

Publication details the genomes of two corallimopharian genomes, the closest non-calcifying relatives of reef-building corals.

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09 March, 2017

Amaar (SRSI student) places third in IBDAA 2017

Six-week SRSI internship under the tutelage of Noura and Manuel produced magnificent results at IBDAA 2017.

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04 March, 2017

TEDxKAUST: featuring Manuel!

Manuel Aranda was one of nine invited speakers at the inaugural TEDx event in KAUST.

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28 February, 2017

Condition-specific RNA editing in S. microadriaticum

RNA editing in the dinoflagellate symbiont of corals may aid acclimatisation

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18 February, 2017

Symbiomics Lab @ Promoting Superwomen in Science

Making science more appealing to schoolchildren!

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13 February, 2017

Symbiomics Lab @ KAUST Research Conference on Environmental Epigenetics

A poster and a talk was presented at this conference by two members of the Symbiomics Lab.

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26 December, 2016

reefgenomics.org--a repository for marine genomics data

Paper outlining reefgenomics.org is now out!

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22 December, 2016

Genome of S. microadriaticum shed light on symbiosis-specific adaptations

Availability of other dinoflagellate genomes allow comparative efforts to pick out genes essential for their livestyles

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24 June, 2016

Symbiomics Lab @ ICRS 2016, Hawaii

Members of the lab attended the quadriennial ICRS conference, this time in Hawaii.

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