29 August, 2018

Prof. Manuel Aranda on the TalkRadio show with Paul Ross

Prof. Manuel Aranda interviewed by Paul Ross on the TalkRadio show. The interview was broadcasted live and is only 10min long, check the last slot 4:30-5:00 am starting around minute 2:22.

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15 August, 2018

Post doc fellow Yong Li's new publication in Science advances

The symbiotic relationship between cnidarians and dinoflagellates is the cornerstone of coral reef ecosystems.

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25 July, 2018

Prof. Manuel Aranda attended the ‘Gene technologies for the protection and restoration of coral reefs’ workshop on Magnetic Island

Reef Recovery on Magnetic Island is an innovative project in partnership with government, researchers, industry and community that aims to make a positive environmental, social and economic benefit for our local reefs and communities.

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21 July, 2018

Prof. Manuel Aranda, Eric and Maha actively participated in ISS 2018, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

The ISS Congress is the sanctioned meeting of the International Symbiosis Society and is held every three years.

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06 June, 2018

Post doc fellow Yi Jin's new publication in Science advances

There are increasing concerns that the current rate of climate change might outpace the ability of reef-building corals to adapt to future conditions.

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18 April, 2018

PhD student Maha is featured in BBC News!

Maha's work offers an angle of hope for understanding coral temperature tolerance and duly recognized in BBC News feature !

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18 April, 2018

PhD student Maha's new publication in Royal Society B

Corals and their endosymbiotic dinoflagellates of the genus Symbiodinium have a fragile relationship that breaks down under heat stress, an event known as bleaching.

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15 September, 2017


Maha attends YOUMARES 8, and wins 3rd best talk there.

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03 August, 2017

Corals, Climate and Time | Manuel Aranda | TEDxKAUST

Manuel Aranda's TEDx talk published

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13 June, 2017

Register for ECRS 2017!

The European Coral Reef Symposium is now open accepting abstracts and registrations!

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16 May, 2017

RNA editing in dinoflagellates featured in Discovery Magazine

PLOS Genetics paper on nuclear RNA editing in dinoflagellates was featured in the KAUST Discovery Magazine

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09 May, 2017

Manuel nominated for Distinguished Teaching Award

Manuel was one of six KAUST professors nominated for teaching award

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02 May, 2017

Laboratory-Cultured Strains of the Sea Anemone Exaiptasia Reveal Distinct Bacterial Communities

Paper detailing the microbiome of Aiptasia strain H2 is now out!

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19 April, 2017

Two new corallimorpharian genomes published!

Publication details the genomes of two corallimopharian genomes, the closest non-calcifying relatives of reef-building corals.

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09 March, 2017

Amaar (SRSI student) places third in IBDAA 2017

Six-week SRSI internship under the tutelage of Noura and Manuel produced magnificent results at IBDAA 2017.

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04 March, 2017

TEDxKAUST: featuring Manuel!

Manuel Aranda was one of nine invited speakers at the inaugural TEDx event in KAUST.

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28 February, 2017

Condition-specific RNA editing in S. microadriaticum

RNA editing in the dinoflagellate symbiont of corals may aid acclimatisation

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18 February, 2017

Symbiomics Lab @ Promoting Superwomen in Science

Making science more appealing to schoolchildren!

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