Register for ECRS 2017!

13 June, 2017

The next European Coral Reef Symposium will be in Oxford, UK from the 13th to 15th December 2017. Hosted by Reef Conservation UK, this three-day conference consists of plenary talks, parallel conference sessions, poster sessions and workshops. 



Currently, there are 25 sessions covering topics such as coral reef ecology, biology of algal symbionts of corals, and assessing effectiveness of conservation efforts. Two members of the Coral Symbiomics lab (Manuel Aranda and Yi Jin Liew) are chairing the "Coral Reef Epigenetics" session, which aims to gather like-minded colleagues in a discussion about epigenetic mechanisms and biological function in reef organisms. The list of available sessions can be found below:
For registration/abstract submission, check out the ECRS website for more information!