Delimiting the conserved features of hunchback function for the trunk organization of insects
Year: 2008
Authors: Henrique Marques-Souza Manuel Aranda, Diethard Tautz
  • Gap Gene Hunchback
  • Drosophila Acts
The genome of the model beetle and pest Tribolium castaneum
Year: 2008
Authors: Tribolium Genome Sequencing, Consortium
The role of the segmentation gene hairy in Tribolium
Year: 2008
Authors: Manuel Aranda, Henrique Marques-Souza, Till Bayer, Diethard Tautz
  • Segementation Gene
  • Tribolium
Wnt8 Is Required for Growth-Zone Establishment and Development of Opisthosomal Segments in a Spider
Year: 2008
Authors: McGregor Alistair P., Pechmann Matthias, Schwager Evelyn E., Feitosa Natália M., Kruck Sarah, Aranda Manuel, Damen Wim G. M.