Symbiomics Lab @ Promoting Superwomen in Science

18 February, 2017

Two Symbiomics lab members superwomen, Noura and Maha, attended a one-day event that aimed to popularise science among 4th- to 9th-graders in KAUST. They had a booth that showcased the workhorse of our lab--the sea anemone Aiptasia--and various cool stuff that one could do with it.


Nothing screams "biology" more than a cool stereo microscope.


The day started by having several female professors sharing their passion for research, and their valuable experience gathered as they proceeded along their career trajectories. Subsequently, kids were treated to hands-on interactive activities over multiple booths set up by graduate students across all facets of sciences.


No need to get bitten by radioactive spiders--apparently going to the gym has the same effect.