Hologenome analysis of two marine sponges with different microbiomes

by Ryu Taewoo, Seridi Loqmane, Moitinho-Silva Lucas, Oates Matthew, Liew Yi Jin, Mavromatis Charalampos, Wang Xiaolei, Haywood Annika, Lafi Feras F., Kupresanin Marija, Sougrat Rachid, Alzahrani Majed A., Giles Emily, Ghosheh Yanal, Schunter Celia, Baumgarte
Year: 2016


Ryu, Taewoo, Loqmane Seridi, Lucas Moitinho-Silva, Matthew Oates, Yi Jin Liew, Charalampos Mavromatis, Xiaolei Wang, et al. "Hologenome Analysis of Two Marine Sponges with Different Microbiomes." BMC Genomics 17, no. 1 (2016/02/29 2016): 158.


Sponges (Porifera) harbor distinct microbial consortia within their mesohyl interior. We herein analysed the hologenomes of Stylissa carteri and Xestospongia testudinaria, which notably differ in their microbiome content.


Sponge Stylissa Carteri Xestospongia Testudinaria Innate Immune System Host-Microbial Symbionts Hologenome