PlantACT! – how to tackle the climate crisis
Journal Year: 2023
Authors: Heribert Hirt, Salim Al-Babili, et al., Manuel Aranda
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • Climate Change
  • agriculture
  • food safety
  • water use effeciency
  • nitrogen use efficiency
  • carbon sequestration
Coral Reef Conservation and Restoration in the Omics Age
Book Year: 2022 ISSN:2213-719X DOI:
Authors: Madeleine J.H. Van Oppen, Manuel Aranda
  • Conservation
  • coral restoration
  • Molecular Tools
  • population genomics
  • Biodiversity
  • Environmental DNA
  • Genetics
  • Omics
Histone modifications and DNA methylation act cooperatively in regulating symbiosis genes in the sea anemone Aiptasia
Journal Year: 2022 DOI:
Authors: Kashif Nawaz, Maha J. Cziesielski, Kiruthiga G. Mariappan, Guoxin Cui, Manuel Aranda
  • Exaiptasia
  • Symbiosis
  • Gene Expression
  • DNA Methylation
The coral Acropora loripes genome reveals an alternative pathway for cysteine biosynthesis in animals
Journal Year: 2022 DOI:doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abq0304
Authors: Octavio R. Salazar, Prasanna N. Arun, Guoxin Cui, Line K. Bay, Madeleine J.H. Van Oppen, Nicole S. Webster, Manuel Aranda
  • Acropora loripes
  • Cysteine
  • biosynthesis
  • transsulfuration pathway
  • Coral-algal Symbiosis
Increased incompatibility of heterologous algal symbionts under thermal stress in the cnidarian-dinoflagellate model Aiptasia
Journal Year: 2022 DOI:
Authors: Maha J. Cziesielski, Yi Jin Liew, Guoxin Cui, Manuel Aranda
  • Breviolum minutum
  • Aiptasia
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Heat tolerance
  • carbon limitation
  • Coral-algal Symbiosis
Investigating calcification-related candidates in a non-symbiotic scleractinian coral, Tubastraea spp.
Journal Year: 2022 DOI:
Authors: Laura Capasso, Manuel Aranda, Guoxin Cui, Melanie Pousse, Sylvie Tambutte, Didier Zoccola
  • Tubastraea spp.
  • Coral Calcification
  • ahermatypic
  • micro-dissection
  • RNA-Seq
Nutritional control regulates symbiont proliferation and life history in coral-dinoflagellate symbiosis
Journal Year: 2022 DOI:
Authors: Guoxin Cui, Yi Jin Liew, Migle K. Konciute, Ye Zhan, Shiou-Han Hung, Jana Thistle, Lucia Gastoldi, Sebastian Schmidt-Roach, Job Dekker, Manuel Aranda
  • Symbiodiniaceae
  • Nitrogen limitation
  • cell proliferation
  • Coral-algal Symbiosis
  • Differential gene expression analysis
Symbiosis with Dinoflagellates Alters Cnidarian Cell-Cycle Gene Expression
Journal Year: 2022 DOI:
Authors: Lucy G. Gorman, Migle K. Konciute, Guoxin Cui, Clinton A. Oakley, Arthur R. Grossman, Virigina M. Weis, Manuel Aranda, Simon K. Davy
  • Exaiptasia
  • Tissue-Specific RNA-Seq
  • Breviolum minutum
  • aposymbiotic
Assessing Magnesium Chloride as a Chemical for Immobilization of a Symbiotic Jellyfish (Cassiopea sp.)
Year: 2022 DOI:doi: 10.3389/fmars.2022.870832
Authors: Silvia Arossa, Shannon G. Klein, Anieka J. Parry, Manuel Aranda, Carlos M. Duarte
  • Cassiopea
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • bell pulsation
SpiAMT1d: molecular characterization, localization, and potential role in coral calcification of an ammonium transporter in Stylophora pistillata
Journal Year: 2022 DOI:;!!Nmw4Hv0!yKY6uwECqKdgASaOckF-AXmvFxQf82DVp9edJkcW2FUM-4hNpIfgZPDeSY1TjHU2CF8HJ-JT9s2j092NOEklTuJdKC0W9ku65V4$
Authors: Laura Capasso, Didier Zoccola, Phillippe Ganot, Manuel Aranda, Sylvie Tambutte
  • Coral Calcification
  • Stylophora pistillata
  • ammonium transport
  • qRT-PCR
  • SpiAMT1d
  • Immunostaining
Signatures of selection underpinning rapid coral adaptation to the world’s warmest reefs
DOI:doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abl7287
Authors: Edward G. Smith, Khaled M. Hazzouri, Jae Young Choi, Patrice Delaney, Mohammed Al-Kharafi, Emily J. Howells, Manuel Aranda
  • coral adaptation
  • Thermal Tolerance
  • Persian/Arabian Gulf
  • population genomics
  • Evolution
Effects of Ocean Acidification on Resident and Active Microbial Communities of Stylophora pistillata
Journal Year: 2021 DOI:doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2021.707674
Authors: Marcelle M. Barreto, Ziegler Maren, Alexander Venn, Eric Tambutté, Zoccola Didier, Tambutté Sylvie, Allemand Denis, Chakkiath P. Antony, Christian R. Voolstra, Manuel Aranda
  • Stylophora pistillata
  • Ocean Acidification
  • Microbiome
  • 16S rRNA gene diversity
Extending the natural adaptive capacity of coral holobionts
Journal Year: 2021 DOI:
Authors: Christian R. Voolstra, David J. Suggett, Raquel S. Peixoto, John E. Parkinson, Kate M. Quigley, Cynthia B. Silveira, Michael Sweet, Erinn M. Muller, Daniel J. Barshis, David G. Bourne, Manuel Aranda
  • coral holobiont
  • adaptive capacity
  • assisted evolution
  • Beneficial Microorganisms for Corals (BMCs)
  • Coral probiotics
  • Ecosystem Restoration
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Coral Restoration through 3D Printing and Fabrication
Journal Year: 2021 DOI:
Authors: Hamad I. Albalawi, Zainab N. Khan, Alexander U. Valle-Pérez, Kowther M. Kahin, Maria Hountondji, Hibatallah Alwazani, Sebastian Schmidt-Roach, Panayiotis Bilalis, Manuel Aranda, Carlos M. Duarte, Charlotte A.E. Hauser
  • coral restoration
  • 3D printing
  • eco-friendly process
  • coral microfragmentation
  • limestone 3D printing
  • additive manufacturing
  • photosensitive resin
Host under epigenetic control: A novel perspective on the interaction between microorganisms and corals
Journal Year: 2021 DOI:
Authors: Adam Barno, Helena D.M. Villela, Manuel Aranda, Torsten Thomas, Raquel S. Peixoto
  • Epigenome
  • Bacterial Community
  • Holobiont
  • Coral
  • Microbiome
Genomes of the willow-galling sawflies Euura lappo and Eupontania aestiva (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae): a resource for research on ecological speciation, adaptation, and gall induction
Journal Year: 2021 DOI:
Authors: Craig Michell, Saskia Wutke, Aranda Manuel, Tommi Nyman]
  • Genomes
  • willow-galling sawflies
  • speciation
  • Adaptation
New Insights From Transcriptomic Data Reveal Differential Effects of CO2 Acidification Stress on Photosynthesis of an Endosymbiotic Dinoflagellate in hospite
Journal Year: 2021 ISSN:1664-302X DOI:
Authors: Herrera Marcela, Aranda Manuel, Cui Guoxin, Tambutté Eric, Zoccola Didier, Yi Jin Liew
  • Transcriptomics
  • CO2 acidification
  • Dinoflagellate
  • Photosynthesis
The Internal Microenvironment of the Symbiotic Jellyfish Cassiopea sp. From the Red Sea
Journal Year: 2021 ISSN:2296-7745 DOI:
Authors: Silvia Arossa, Shannon G. Klein, Shiou-Han Hung, Aranda Manuel, Carlos M. Duarte, Daniele Daffonchio
  • Jellyfish
  • Cassiopea
  • Red Sea
Widespread bleaching in the One Tree Island lagoon (Southern Great Barrier Reef) during record-breaking temperatures in 2020
Journal Year: 2021 DOI:
Authors: Megan Nolan, Sebastian Schmidt-Roach, Aranda Manuel, Emily J. Howells, Andrew R. Davis
  • heat
  • coral bleaching
Integrating environmental variability to broaden the research on coral responses to future ocean conditions
Journal Year: 2021 DOI:10.1111/gcb.15840
Authors: Ziegler Maren, Carlos M. Duarte, Aranda Manuel, Christian R. Voolstra, Sebastian Schmidt-Roach, Cziesielski Maha J.
  • Climate Change
  • Coral Reefs
  • environmental changes
  • heat waves