Yara Alshwairikh

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I completed my undergraduate degree (B.S) in biology at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2017. Throughout my undergraduate years, I was involved in research, both in the lab and in the field. I spent an academic term travelling across California studying the ecology and physiology of lizards and amphibians. I also performed field work in Southern California estuaries to collect algae, sediment and water samples, and performed surveys of the estuaries. I contributed significantly in understanding the effects of eutrophication on salt marshes in Southern California.

Research Interests

As part of the Aranda group in the Red Sea Research Center, I am investigating the physiological performance of Symbiodiniaceae under acute heat and light stress conditions. Specifically, I am interested in evaluating the stress-tolerance response of different clades isolated from different natal environments. My goal is to examine whether these different isolates might perform differently in response to stressful conditions.


  • M.Sc. Bioscience - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (2017-present)
  • B.Sc. Biology - University of California, Los Angeles, USA (2013-2017)

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Research Interests Keywords

Symbiosis Molecular Biology Conservation Biology Algal Biology Coral Reefs Ecology Climate Change