Megan Nolan


VSRP Intern



B2/L2 - Sea Side - 2207-WS13


During my undergrate degree, at the University of Exeter, in biological sciences I specialised in Animal Biology. I was initially interested in terrestrial ecosystems, and worked with OpWall in the rainforest of Guyana for a month. After an amazing field trip to San Salvador Island in the Bahamas, my interests shifted to marine systems, in particular coral reefs. I was able to explore this field more during a year abroad at the University of Queensland in Australia, during which I also learnt to SCUBA dive.

After graduating, I moved to the University of Leeds to continue my studies through a Masters by Research with Dr Maria Beger. Here I leant about spatial planning and carried out a project demonstrating the importance of considering small-scale heterogeneity in conservation planning. I have come to KAUST as an intern to continue this work in a different system- the Red Sea.

Research Interests

​During my time at KAUST, I will be working on a spatial planning project in the Red Sea. Using species distribution models, I will determine the key drivers of distribution for several coral species, in order to establish where these species may survive if the substrate was suitable. This will hopefully lead into future reef restoration projects.


  • M.Sc. (by Research) Marine Ecology - University of Leeds, UK (2018 - 2020)
  • B.Sc. Biological Sciences - University of Exeter, UK (2014 - 2018)
  • Study Abroad - University of Queensland, Australia (2016 - 2017)

Professional Profile

  • VSRP Intern - KAUS, Saudi Arabia (2020 - Present)

KAUST Affiliations

​● Red Sea Research Center (RSRC)

● Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division (BESE)

Research Interests Keywords

Marine Ecology Coral Reefs Environment modeling