Huawen Zhong

Ph.D. Students



I got my bachelor’s degree in South China Normal University. At that time, I mainly focused the plant sciences. I did my undergraduate thesis with the topic how to screen out the mutant Arabidopsis thaliana using the molecular method. After that, I obtained my master degree in Sun Yat-sen University. During my master period, I was interested in bioinformatics and how to use the state of art method to analyze the big data and answer the biological problem. I did several researches on this big field, such as how to use the bioinformatic methods to extract the key protein-protein interaction complex during the flowering process, analyzing the potential jeopardize from the air pollutant to the children’s health, analyzing the hidden factors that influence teachers’ teaching quality, et al. Now, I am interested in how the coral symbiosis happens. I want to use the bioinformatics methods to decode this question.

Research Interests

Bioinformatics, Genomics, Epigenetics, Symbiosis


M.Sc. Bioinfortics - Sun Yatsen University, Guangzhou, China (2017-2020)

B.Sc. Bioscience - South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China (2013-2017). 

Research Interests Keywords

Bioinformatics Genomics Epigenetics Symbiosis