Angus Li





​I come from Hong Kong and I moved to Australia when I was 16 years old. I started my science and biology journey in 2014 when I commenced studying a Bachelor degree, majoring in marine biology, in the University of Queensland, Australia. During the undergraduate years, I was provided many field and research experiences. I studied the local population of Chaetodon (butterflyfish) in Heron Island, Australia. I assisted dugong research in Moreton Bay, Australia. I designed an experiment setup to collect stemflow on mangroves. In 2017, I did a year of full time research for the honours project of my degree. My research was on fish immunology, focusing on how the addition of adjuvant in fish vaccine affect the biochemistry and kinetic of fish antibodies and immune system.

Research Interests

​The relationship between coral and Symbiodinium is often described as “mutual symbiosis” which the coral provide waste nitrogen to the symbionts and the Symbiodinium transport its photosynthates, glucose, to the host. I am interested in scrutinising the relationship between host and symbiont by focusing on the glucose and ammonium dynamic between the two parties.


  • B.Adv.Sc. Biology – The University of Queensland, Australia (2014-2017)

Research Interests Keywords

Symbiosis Marine Microbiology