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  • ​Ganot, Philippe, Didier Zoccola, Eric Tambutté, Christian R. Voolstra, Manuel Aranda, Denis Allemand, and Sylvie Tambutté. "Structural Molecular Components of Septate Junctions in Cnidarians Point to the Origin of Epithelial Junctions in Eukaryotes." Molecular Biology and Evolution 32, no. 1 (2015): 44-62.
Epitheliozoa, Claudin, Neurexin, Contactin, Neuroglian, Coracle, MAGUK, Na+/K+ ATPase transporter, DSCAM, Nbl4, para-cellular pathway, permselectivity, corals, ctenophores, poriferans, Monosiga, Capsaspora
  • ​Zoccola, Didier, Philippe Ganot, Anthony Bertucci, Natacha Caminiti-Segonds, Nathalie Techer, Christian R. Voolstra, Manuel Aranda, et al. "Bicarbonate Transporters in Corals Point Towards a Key Step in the Evolution of Cnidarian Calcification." Scientific Reports 5 (06/04/online 2015): 9983.
biocarbonate transporters, calcification, Stylophora
  • ​Roder, Cornelia, Till Bayer, Manuel Aranda, Maren Kruse, and R. Voolstra Christian. "Microbiome Structure of the Fungid Coral Ctenactis Echinata Aligns with Environmental Differences." Molecular Ecology 24, no. 13 (2015/07/01 2015): 3501-11.
coral reef, ecological niche, holobiont, metaorganism, microbiome, symbiosis
  • ​Baumgarten, S., O. Simakov, L. Y. Esherick, Y. J. Liew, E. M. Lehnert, C. T. Michell, Y. Li, et al. "The Genome of Aiptasia, a Sea Anemone Model for Coral Symbiosis." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112, no. 38 (2015): 11893-98.
coral reefs, endosymbiosis, horizontal gene transfer, dinoflagellate, pattern-recognition receptors