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  • ​Bayer, T., C. Arif, C. Ferrier-Pagès, D. Zoccola, M. Aranda, and C. R. Voolstra. "Bacteria of the Genus Endozoicomonas Dominate the Microbiome of the Mediterranean Gorgonian Coral Eunicella Cavolini." Marine Ecology Progress Series 479 (2013): 75-84.
Microbial communities, Gorgonian, Eunicella cavolini, 16S tag sequencing
  • ​Jessen, Christian, Javier Felipe Villa Lizcano, Till Bayer, Cornelia Roder, Manuel Aranda, Christian Wild, and Christian R. Voolstra. "In-Situ Effects of Eutrophication and Overfishing on Physiology and Bacterial Diversity of the Red Sea Coral Acropora Hemprichii." PLOS ONE 8, no. 4 (2013): e62091.
16S based, bacterial community, eutrophication
  • ​Bayer, Till, Matthew J. Neave, Areej Alsheikh-Hussain, Manuel Aranda, Lauren K. Yum, Tracy Mincer, Konrad Hughen, Amy Apprill, and Christian R. Voolstra. "The Microbiome of the Red Sea Coral Stylophora Pistillata Is Dominated by Tissue-Associated Endozoicomonas Bacteria." Applied and environmental microbiology 79, no. 15 (2013): 4759-62.
coral, endozoicomonas, phylogeny
  • ​Roder, Cornelia, Chatchanit Arif, Till Bayer, Manuel Aranda, Camille Daniels, Ahmed Shibl, Suchana Chavanich, and Christian R. Voolstra. "Bacterial Profiling of White Plague Disease in a Comparative Coral Species Framework." The ISME Journal 8 (08/08/online 2013): 31.
16S rRNA gene microarray, Gulf of Thailand, Pavona duerdeni, Porites lutea, coral disease, White Plague Disease (WPD)
  • ​Baumgarten, Sebastian, Till Bayer, Manuel Aranda, Yi Jin Liew, Adrian Carr, Gos Micklem, and Christian R. Voolstra. "Integrating Microrna and Mrna Expression Profiling in Symbiodinium Microadriaticum, a Dinoflagellate Symbiont of Reef-Building Corals." BMC genomics 14, no. 1 (2013): 704.
Symbiodinium Dinoflagellates, Scleractinian corals, Symbiont, Coral reef, Small RNA (smRNA), microRNA (miRNA), Small interfering RNA (siRNA), mRNA, Expression profiling, RNAseq