The Coral Symbiomics Lab
Red Sea Research Center
Division of Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering



​Details of our graduated students:

Wang Xin: Ph.D.

Check News items for more details on his title and work

Guoxin cui aka Eric: Ph.D.

Thesis title: Unravelling the metabolic interactions of the Aiptasia-Symbiodiniaceae symbiosis. (Also in News section)

Hanin: M.S.

 Thesis titile: Distinct Bacterial Composition Associated with Different Laboratory-cultured Aiptasia Strains Across Two Thermal Conditions

Yara: M.S. 

Thesis title: A Comparative Assessment of the Physiological Performance of Red Sea and non-Red Sea Symbiodiniaceae Strains in Acute Heat and Light-Stress Conditions

Antonio: M.S. ​

Thesis title: DNA Methylation in the Demosponge Amphimedon queenslandica is Involved in Genome Evolution and Transcription.

Few happy faces !! 2 Ph.D.'s: (L to R) Wang Xin, Manuel Aranda (PI) and Guoxin Cui 

(L to R): Hanin, Wang Xin, Manuel Aranda, Guoxin Cui, Antonio